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  • THE ( OTHER GUYS ) PLUG INTO YOUR COMPUTER: 95% of aftermarket product increases Horsepower - Plugs into the computer called ECM ( engine control module ) or ECU ( engine control unit ). If they don't plug into the computer; they will usually plug into The OBD II under the dash, these are usually hand held programmers.
  • In both of these applications: ( plugging into the computer or plugging into the OBDII port to access the computer ) Is intentionally done to change the factory settings in the computer. 
  • Both of these type of applications show up on Diagnostics at the dealer and leave a footprint on the computer. 
  • This type of aftermarket product Over Fuels by changing the Factory Fuel Tables, Timing and Shift Points. 
  • This aftermarket product keeps the injectors open longer / Called Pulse Width. 
  • The reason they keep the injectors open longer is to add more fuel to the burn ( Over Fuel ). This is how this type of product gets horsepower. More wood on a fire - bigger fire - More horsepower. 
  • But here is where the problem occurs - Because diesel is a slower burning fuel; the extra fuel put that is put into the burn is not totally Burned up before it is exhausted. You have extra fuel on fire going through the Exhaust Manifold and through the turbo. This is why EGT ( exhaust GAS Temperatures ) go right up through the roof and into the RED. In this type of application they want to make sure that you have an EGT ( exhaust gas temperature ) Guage so that you can visually see when your temps go into the RED and they will - to back OFF the throttle so that you don't melt Your pistons and Your engine on the Spot. The other Thing that Happens is Cylinder Wash; where the extra fuel is going down the side of the piston sleeve. Both the added heat and cylinder wash take the life out of the factory warranted engine. 


  • Combustion Fuel Efficiency TO Atomize Fuel better than Factory. A Cleaner Burn and Greater release of energy on existing fuel. No temp increase because there is no over fueling. Plugs into the map and fuel sensor - sending Information to the computer - it does not touch the computer. 
  • A 20% to 30% Horsepower Gain ( dyno ) In the US - costs the farmer $20,000.00 at the Dealer for the next - tractor model UP. This module gives a 20% to 30% dyno gain at a fraction of the cost. 
  • No Foot Print - When Removed 


  • Sends information to the computer. It does not touch the computer. It tricks the computer. As an Example - When you are at 1000 rpm - the module tells the computer that you are at 1100 rpm. The computer uses the factory fuel at 1000 rpm and increases the factory fuel pressure to 1100 rpm setting. Versus stock you have an increase in fuel pressure but not outside the Manufacture Settings. It's like putting your thumb over a garden hose. You get a better spray. The better spray is called Atomization. A greater release of energy on existing fuel. Fuel savings and less throttle / Horsepower and Torque increase ( dyno ). Everything in fuel pressure increase is incremental. The increase in fuel pressure is completely within the design of the engine and has Safety features built in. The injectors are already designed for the increase In pressure because it does not go outside the highest factory setting. Product plugs into the map and fuel sensor. These are factory male to female connections on the engine. Product has male on one end and female on the other end. Disconnect factory connections and plug the product in line. ( Plug and Play ) 10 to 15 minute install time. There is no over fueling with this product. There is no increase in heat to Your stock engine. 


  1. No over-fueling
  2. No warranty voided by dealer or manufacture in 14 years.
  3. No added Temps to factory engine.
  4. The safest way to get results.